Week 5: Reading Response

Before reading: I think that the school curriculum is developed by teachers, principals, members of the school board, and previous curriculum developers and that it is sent around to be approved.

After reading: School curriculum is developed by education governance consisting of national, local, and federal participation. It is organized into two objectives; one being very broad topics and the other more specific topics. The curriculum varies as issues change and try to focus on how these influence education. Subjects are taken into consideration, which ones will be included and at what grade level. Many people argue over what specifics should be taught within each subject, as there is plenty of information that some people believe that should or should not be included. For example, religion and sex education are common topics that are argued. Social situations are also taken into consideration. For example, students need to be aware of bullying while also promoting equality. Something that shocked me is a poll that was questioning about the number of subjects and time put into school. Most people wanted a wider range of subjects taught at school but did not want more school time in a year. This does not make sense because as mentioned in the article, there is not enough time to teach everything that a student could learn in their development. Overall, I believe that in order to improve the curriculum making, student’s (maybe University students) opinions about the subject areas to be taught should be taken into consideration.


3 thoughts on “Week 5: Reading Response

  1. It is shocking how little say students (and teachers!) have in the making of curricula. I agree that it is difficult to fit more and more material into a set school year, so maybe curriculum makers should re-think the structure of secondary school. Maybe having different streams so that less common courses are required?


  2. Hello,
    I agree that students should get more of a say in the curriculum as they are the ones experiencing the content first hand. I really liked your reflection and also agree that the government is very important when it comes to the curriculum.


  3. I really enjoyed how you explained the time crunch teachers are often put under. People push us to teach more and more, but are not willing to put the resources (time or money) into helping us teach this.


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